Brick is Born

It was thirty days before Christmas, two thousand and seven. The first compressed earth brick was born from an open source compressed earth block press.

It was smooth, it was sleek. Six inches by twelve and four. Wouldn’t give it away for twice that of your Porsche. It was the seed of new villages, worldwide.

Not bad for the first brick. Now we need to prove that we can make another million more, without the machine breaking. Plus, we need automated soil loading, to increase production rate from one brick per day to five per minute. Then we could talk of building civilization.

Here’s a heads-up on the low-down. Next step is commercialization. What we really mean is open franchising. This means: “Go ahead, pick up a copy of design plans and enterprise design. Build a state-of-art machine, for yourself or for sale. The plans are free and open source. No high capitalization is required. No strings attached.”


  1. Lucas

    Starting to imagine what you imagine.

  2. […] I returned to the CEB. On November 26, we produced the first brick. I got right back into it – beginning work on the automated hopper assembly – which will allow 3-5 […]

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