Building a Village Starts with Learning from Team WikiSpeed

OSE was featured on National Public Radio today. Listen to the story.

Yesterday, we were also featured on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

This has resulted in 11 new True Fans subscriptions today, which is the most for any single day so far, for a total count of about 540 True Fans.

We are scaling the project. We are recruiting a team at this point. Many responses to our recruiting came through the above publicity. I have yet to get unburied from this explosive growth.

I am basically taking a ‘vacation’ to emerge with a much more organized team of developers and leaders. The goal is clear: 50 GVCS technologies finished by year end. 20 parallel projects? Yes. My goal is to recruit 5 Project Directors per month for the next 4 months – one for each technology – to provide the management that each product deserves. This is in addition to an Executive Director/Chief Operating Officer. My goal is to have a team of 20 Project Directors recruited by the beginning of the third quarter of this year – to complete another 20 technologies to Beta Release in 3 months. And my goal is to repeat this for another 20 technologies for the fourth quarter. So we are ramping up until July 1 – then taking off with an Apollo Program for developing the Global Village Construction Set.

Impossible? Not according to Team Wikispeed.


Joe Justice and his team have shown the impossible in terms of rapid, agile development – an exquisite example of spotless organizational technique. Now we need to learn to do the same – for 20 GVCS projects at a time. Yes, about $1M will be required to hire the necessary professionals, if they don’t appear as volunteers. We’re working on it.