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Dedicated Project Visits

6-in-60 Video Update and Optimizing the Development Process

For an exciting taste of the action at Open Source Ecology’s HabLab, follow the ups and downs of the 6-in-60 Campaign in our no-holds-barred video update, part one. Watch Dedicated Project Visitors (DPVs) from Berea College help us to take new OSE...

True Fans Microfunding Development

Greetings, My name is Jacob Dalton, and I’m about to hit the road for Missouri. Along with Brad Lewis and Aaron Makaruk, I’ve been developing a True Fans microfunding web application. This week I’m going to Factor e Farm for a Dedicated...

Dedicated Project Visit: Tom Griffing

My background is in Computer software & development, Technical writing, Hydraulics and electrical power control systems.  I have a small software consulting business in Dallas. I found out about OSE mid 2011 and found their “Open Source”...

Factor e Farm Documentary Forthcoming

Sean will publish his short documentary on Factor e Farm in a couple of weeks. These are some of the sights from summer 2010 as preview. OSE: Timelapse Reel from Sean Church on Vimeo.

Open Source Tractor Update

William has been here for 2 months already, and here’s his second Dedicated Project Visit report. Don’t miss this video if you want to see 3D models and a time-lapse video of LifeTrac II – the second prototype of the open source tractor...

Will’s One Month Report

So I’ve been here at Factor e Farm for 1 month. I am living and breathing the Open Source Ecology lifestyle and working on different projects. When I arrived at the start of May I had a little Q&A session with Marcin to talk about ideas, visions...

William Arrives from the UK

I finally arrived at Factor e Farm for my dedicated project visit. Meet me – and find out why I came here and what I will do in the next 3 months. As an initial overview for me, and for the rest of the audience – Marcin takes us into the Factor...


William took a course on brick laying last week back in the UK, in preparation for the CEB construction adventures of Solar Village 2010 this year at Factor e Farm. Here is some documentation from his course:

Bootstrapping and Dedicated Project Visits

We are currently in the phase of fabrication optimization for the high performance, open source, Compressed Earth Brick (CEB) press. This is our route to financial bootstrapping of the research and development efforts. We are looking for people interested...

Dedicated Project Visits Continued

William Cleaver will be joining us at Factor e Farm on May 1 for a Dedicated Project Visit. He’s coming from across the big pond – from the United Kingdom – and we are planning for a 3 month stay. William is not a novice to creative...