Community Needs Survey

My name is Aaron Makaruk, and I am working full time as an on-contingency Resource Developer for Open Source Ecology. We are busy raising money, building technology across the country, and laying the foundation for the open source economy. As our organizational development and recruiting strategy shifts into high gear, we want you to give us feedback on how to do it better.

The link takes you to a survey – Community Needs Assessment. This is a good chance to provide input on what you want to see from OSE to make the project better, and what you can offer to make that happen.

Check back soon for a followup on what we learned from the survey in the Survey Results. The survey results are transparent, so feel free to skip any questions you don’t want to answer. 

If you fill in your city/state/country in the survey and put a 1 in the following question, your location will show up on this map. The best way to view the survey results is to use the ‘File’ menu to download the spreadsheet as a PDF. We will report back with a summary report next week.

Update – 03/03/12: we published a report that includes all of the community responses and our analysis of the major indications from the feedback. This is the easiest way to view the survey responses. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to fill out the survey – this is a good source of information about who else is interested in your local community.


  1. anon

    I’ve not filled in the survey, however I notice its asks for skills that I may be able to put in use for the benefit of this project.

    I currently work in SEO and have had some great results in getting websites to rank well in Google. If you have any use for this contact me with the email I have left and perhaps we can work something out.

  2. Paul

    Where are you and what are you doing?

    I am in Athens and ask that you contact me… [email protected]

  3. Paul

    Can you help those of us in this locale to connect… maybe share our survey responses w/each other?

  4. Aaron

    We will come back with a followup post that provides all the survey responses in an easy to read document.

  5. AMEE

    I am living overseas and I am very interested in what you are doing. I noticed your mostly getting responses from America and Europe. Do you want this to go global because there is a severe need for what your doing in Africa and Aisa as well.

  6. don

    My major concern with this project is its use of imperial units for everything. I think in the long run this is going to hamper its growth outside of the United States.

    “According to the American Central Intelligence Agency’s Factbook, the International System of Units is the official system of measurement for all nations in the world except for Burma, Liberia and the United States”

    Given the above fact and the projects stated goals it seems very strange for this project to be not using metric units. This project is very forward looking in nearly every way except in this area.

    I really believe this issue has the potential to be an Achilles’ heel for this project. Major work will need to be done to address this issue and with hindsight the project may regret not going metric as early as possible.

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