GVCS Project Management

Devin from Sarapis Foundation for post-scarcity economic development has informed us of Scrum, an agile project management process for developing complex projects – which we could apply to our open source product development pipeline method.

Our response to this is this burndown graph for deploying the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS). See a larger picture on the wiki.

The left axis is work remaining, and the x axis is time. 2012 is approaching, so it’s high time to tidy up the GVCS. It’s only two million dollars. RepLab is the open source Fab Lab. If you would like to improve the above Burndown Graph, please download the source file (in Dia format; both the file and source images must be in the same directory) from our repository.This winter, if not sooner, will bring some major proposal writing. We’ve done enough feasibility study work to understand what works and what doesn’t. The next steps are explaining our work, gathering a team, funding the work, and doing rapid, parallel development.


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  3. Joeff

    GVCS can I have demo for this like this demo video fro mother agile Product http://www.agilewrap.com/videos/taskboard/Taskboard%20Demo.html

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