Hexacube 2

Today our work was mentioned in The Guardian, on building the world with open source. The article began with Vinay’s Hexayurt. While on the topic of hexagonal structures, here is our second Hexacube. It took 2 days to build with 3 people, but the time was extended because we didn’t have enough drills for screwing. I think it really takes one day with 4 people equipped with constantly charged cordless drills. We placed this Solar Cubicle right next to the first one, for better thermal performance. Usual exterior trim is included.


  1. Lost Chief

    Very good job getting the free publicity. Hopefully you will get a wave in visitors.

    Im curious what size buildings you can build on your land without needing permits?

  2. Jeremy

    DeKalb county Missouri doesn’t have building permits. You can try to find other counties that don’t have building permits by going to this site: and search for counties that have very low numbers of building permits.

  3. Marcin

    The publicity spawned the work of one supportive reader, who will do a professional PR plan for us. That’s much needed organizational work.

  4. leighblackall

    Thought you guys might like this feed:

  5. Lost Chief

    Forgive if i sometimes sound retarded but you need Zero permits to build a house on your land? Just wanted to be super clear.. Seems like every city and county i have lived in in the us (about half the states) have had bull codes..

    Without codes is a beautiful thing. We should be able to build how we please. If people dont want to live in it thats up to them.

    Again you guys are doing a great job. It makes me very happy to find people who are on the same path as i am but further along. Its always been me having to show everyone i know the way.. Thanks for helping me move forward faster by logging your hard work..


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