Kickstarter: Going the Last Mile

Friends, we are finally kicking off our Kickstarter to go The Last Mile on the construction part of the Global Village Construction Set:

Here is a direct link to the Kickstarter page. These are exciting times as our resources continue to increase towards rapid deployment and growth.


  1. anon

    I tried to pledge some money, but it said that ‘this fnctionality’ has been disabled for your account. I’m wondering whether amazon payments only works in the U.S? I’ve had this problem in the past. I’d like to donate about $78, do you have a paypal account I can donate to.

  2. LucasG

    Just added a comment to – see if that reactivates some networks.

  3. LucasG

    Anon, I’ve been able to pledge from Spain. Maybe try again?

    Any other problems or work-arounds?

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