Signs of the season

Jack Frost leaves two types of trails: sparkling crystals that shimmer in the morning sunlight, reminding one to put away shorts and get out sweaters; and a spattering of black leaves.

It is the second sign that glues a farmer to the weather forecast during the spring and fall seasons.

A wise farmer anticipates frost at this time of year, but since the ten day forecast showed nothing below 37 degrees F, I was not overly concerned.  So, when I found a thin layer of ice covering a shady puddle two mornings ago, I was a little surprised.   Fortunately,  the damage was limited to the sweet potatoes and a few peppers. Ronny and I immediately harvested the sweet potatoes and in wise anticipation of another Jack Frost, Will and I have been busy harvesting the peppers and green tomatoes.

Frost can now nibble our toes while we nibble our green tomatoes.


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