Spring Recruiting

Help us go the next step in organizational development.

My name is Tom Bamford, and I just joined the OSE core team to help with recruiting. We are now developing a recruiting strategy.

At this stage, an effective use of current momentum will require that we build a dedicated development team. As funding comes in, prototyping accelerates, and Spring approaches, we need to fill a few key roles to guide and encourage that team building: so please help us do it. Tell your friends, post to your social media, and send us your nominations. Finding the best of the best will ensure smooth management and help us deliver on the promise of completing the 50 Global Village Construction Set prototypes to Beta product release by year end 2012.

These positions are the top priorities:

Executive Director: This person is our organizational structuring and management chief. It could be anyone with philanthropic intent and a proven track record: a retired big player interested in a better life for their grandchildren, or a business guru looking to give back. Duration, compensation, and responsibilities are all negotiable.


Projects Director: R&D Director responsible for engineering oversight, management, recruiting and standards-setting for the GVCS projects. This person should be a manager/engineer with leadership experience. They must be able to manage the various prototyping projects and understand the technical aspects involved. They work with the Executive Director and the various Project Leaders and teams to construct development pipelines and to implement recovery plans.


And for those interested this is our current organizational mapping framework:

All efforts are appreciated!

Please send any questions or inquiries to [email protected]


  1. A.J.

    Talk to Jack Stack and Springfield Remanufacturing in Springfield MO already!

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  3. CSTeacher

    I realize that you are looking for directors, but are there any plans to reach out to engineering departments around the world? Surely there must be some synergy with all the prototyping that will happen in 2012 and some courses/departments/professors. At a minimum, you have an incredibly inspiring project and a summer coming when many students will be looking for real world experience. Perhaps some professors or engineers without borders programs might be willing to take on some of the prototypes. World language departments might be willing to help with the translating as part of their courses on translation. The young are both energetic and idealistic and their teachers are always looking for real world applications of what they teach…

  4. william hernz

    would love to help with anything that needs translation to Spanish.

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