Build Yourself

Director / Producer / EditorTristan Copley Smith
Director of Photography / Effects Editor – Drew Cox
Music Composer – Nicolas Singer
Animation – Robert Wallace
Sound Editor – Michele Caruso
Featuring – Marcin Jakubowski, Zach Dwiel
Special Thanks – Aaron Makaruk, Aaiden Williamson, Gabrielle LaBlanc, Graham Robertson, Yoonseo Kang, Parker Bonnell
Year: 2013


  1. Amrullah

    Knowledge Belongs to the People, Never to be a secret. As long as you are Open Source, I ultimately very sure that today’s engineer, inventors and also community developers will support you through till the end of time. Don’t commercialize but “Communitize”.

    Fantastic Job and perfect community!

  2. Kelly Keith

    I’m a aircraft mechanic of many years and I wish to build a air plane from some plastic if possible and I wish for you to show me what you have in a drawing of a 3d printer because I have no knowledge of such thing. I would love to use it or see it. Thank you so very much. Kelly

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