The Spark

THE SPARK is a documentary about a genius technologist and a rebel educator, two pioneers from opposite spectrums with one goal in common: Build a sustainable community. Can two men driven by determination overcome global challenges to change the world?

The world is in tough times. Families are separated and hurting- millions are looking for a change, a way out. As a response to the recent global collapse, THE SPARK looks at the biggest challenges of our time – economic, social, and environmental degradation of our civilization – and the cutting-edge attempts to rebuild and combat these erosions.

What does it truly take to fix the world’s problems? What must you sacrifice? What must you endure? The crusaders we follow in the film are by necessity coming from outside a broken system, and yet it is the outsider status that hinders their ability to succeed. Is it possible to fix what’s broken? And what is it that drives people to try, despite all of the obstacles?


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  1. Jean Morales

    I just finished watching the show and it was very inspiring.

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