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- [[Open Source Building Printer]]
- [[Open Source Building Printer]]
- [[Hangprinter]]
- [[Small Aluminum Part Machine]]
- [[Small Aluminum Part Machine]]

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Consists Of

- D3D Printer (AKA D3D Plastic Printer)

- D3D Fiberglass Printer

- D3D Ceramic Printer

- D3D Glass Printer

- D3D Cement Printer

- D3D Metal Printer

- D3D CNC Torch Table

- D3D CNC Circuit Mill

- D3D 3 Axis CNC Mill

- D3D Laser Cutter

- D3D Waterjet Cutter

- Open Source Robotic Arm CNC Mill

- Open Source Plastic SLS 3D Printer

- Open Source Metal SLS 3D Printer

- Open Source SLA 3D Printer

- Open Source Die-Sink EDM Machiene

- Open Source 3 Axis Wire-Cut EDM Machiene

- Open Source Robotic Arm Wire Cut EDM Machiene

- Open Source Watercraft Hull Printer

- Open Source Building Printer

- Small Aluminum Part Machine


- Misc Parts

Allows For

- Digital Fabrication of Parts

- Digital Fabrication of End Products

See Also

- Induction Sintering

Usefull Links