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*This also allows for temperature probe feedback
*This also allows for temperature probe feedback
=Industry Stnadards=
=Industry Standards=
- $1600 with controller - [http://www.cerbos.ee/en/pellet-burners/26-pellet-burner-kipi-26-kw-controller-and-conveyor.html]
- $1600 with controller - [http://www.cerbos.ee/en/pellet-burners/26-pellet-burner-kipi-26-kw-controller-and-conveyor.html]

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  • Part of the Open Source Fuels Construction Set
  • A solid biomass burning stove that uses a pelletized solid biomass instead of loose solid biomass
  • This gives it great consistincy in fuel, and therefore heat consistency
  • The fuel feed auger moves pellets from the storage area into the hearth
  • The speed of the motor to the auger controlls the heat to an extent
  • This also allows for temperature probe feedback

Industry Standards[edit]

- $1600 with controller - [1]

- $700 - No electricity, no auger. [2]

- 1057 Euro - [3]

- $2800 - [4]

- 830 Euro with auger but 230/50 hz - [5]

Existing Open Source Designs[edit]


Minimum Viable Product[edit]

- Works with the Open Source Biomass Pelitizer

- Burns wood, or other biomass such as agricultural waste

- Can be computer controlled, or use manual auger speed inputs

- Possibly an integrated fan system to increase temperature

- Collects ash for later production of lye/potasium hydroxide

Basic Design[edit]

Fuel Storage Module[edit]

- 1x or more per stove

- stores the pellets

- can have optional sealing + humiudity control

Fuel Auger Module[edit]

- 1x or more per stove

- moves the pellets from thw storage module to the hearth/fuel preheater

Fuel Preheater[edit]

- 0x or 1x per Fuel Auger Module

- Preheats + Dries out the pellets using waste heat from the hearth

Hearth Module[edit]

- 1x per stove

- A 3D printed ceramic hearth

- Is a diivergent funnel near the top to allow collection of pellets

- Towards the middle it converges to a thin opening to restrict pellets untill they are reduced to ash

Restriction Plate Module[edit]

- 1x per stove

- Is either a solid fixed plate, a screen, or a solid shaker plate

- Restricts flow out of the hearth and encourages complete usage of the fuel

Temporary Ash Storage Module[edit]

- Is a small bin that stores ashes immediately after coming off of the restriction plate module

- Containes them before they are removed by the ash auger

Heat Shroud Module[edit]

- Is a larger ceramic shroud that goes around the "fuel preheater-hearth-restriction plate-temporary ash storage" assembly

- keeps the heat contained (outside of the intentional exit point(s) )

Ash Auger Module[edit]

- Moves the ashes from the small tempory ash storage module to a much larger bin

- prevents clogging of the hearth

- allows for ash collection for lye/potasium hydroxide production

Long Term Ash Storage Bin[edit]

- Is a large bin or barrel

- collects the ashes over a long period of use

Control Module[edit]

- Is a combination of a system on a chip, a server controller, and temperature probes

- Allows for automatic running of the stove

- Also allows for precise temperature control

IO Module[edit]

- Includes a screen (such as a manga screen), and HIDs, wireless connections (such as zigbee, bluetooth, wifi, and 4g), and various ports (such as GBE, USB-C)

Heat Distibution Module[edit]

- Situated above everything else

- Takes the heat produced and either outputs it to a stovetop for cooking, an air heater, or a water heater (either for central water heating of for hydronic heating such as with the Open Source Hydronic Stove )

See Also[edit]

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Usefull Links[edit]

- Wikipedia Page on Pellet Stoves