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Blender is an open source multi platform 3d modeling program.

Quick start guide[edit]

Blender quick start guide.

Quicker Start Guide[edit]

Here is a quick procedure for using Blender in design work for Factor e Farm.

  • Start by opening up 4 windows. First is the work window in Object Mode, in solid draw type: Objectsolid.jpg. The next 3 windows are in the x, y, z face views, with Object Mode, in wire frame draw type Solidwire.jpg - so you can see how an object changes clearly along 3 axes.
  • Mouse roller to zoom in and out
  • Press mouse roller to move image
  • Right click to select object
  • Control-z to undo an action
  • Pan with shift-middle mouse button

Blender Interface[edit]

Blenderinterface.jpg Press middle mouse button to scroll menus/headers.

Navigating in 3D[edit]


Manipulating Objects[edit]

Selecting objects:

  • Right click to select an object.
  • You select multiple elements down an axis with control and left click to drag a lasso around the area to be selected.

To move an object:

  • Left click or right click, move and release. This will start to move objects. Left click to finish moving.
    • Hold down control while moving to snap the object to the grid.
      • CAUTION: The object's center is snapped relative to it's position to the grid. To align the object to the grid use the 'Transform Window' with the N key.

To rotate an object:

  • Press the R key. Hold control to snap to 5 degree movements. Left click to finish.

To scale an object:

  • Press the S key. Hold control to snap to tenths of a percent. Left click to finish.

More operations, like select, duplicate:


Object Mode and Mesh Edit Mode[edit]

Object mode allows you to select and move objects, in any way desired. Mesh edit allows you to work on only the selected object.

  • Control-Tab in edit mode allows you to select vertex, edge, or face.


Useful Hotkeys[edit]

Extrude: E

Merge vertexes: ALT-M

Detach part of mesh: P

W: "Specials" in mesh editing

ctrl=L: Select contiguous vertexes in mesh edit

Ctrl-J: join two objects

P: Detach parts in mesh edit mode

Inserting Objects[edit]

Left mouse gets the pointer to where new objects will be inserted.

Go to add menu, in upper left, add mesh - start with cube.

Transform Window[edit]

Press N. You can center an object to the grid by setting the position to a whole number.

Displaying and using measurements in models[edit]

For making models to be used as reference for CNC manufacturing, precise dimensioning is important. Blender can be configured to display the measurements of a model, [1] explains how to do this.

Exam #1[edit]

  • How do you select an object?
    • Right click
  • How do you move an object?
    • Right or left click + drag + release
  • Trick question: how do you insert an object?
    • Go to add menu, in upper left, add mesh - start with cube


Say you have parts on a screen. How do you align them?

Day 2[edit]

Add a camera. Turn on the lights. Render.

To delete objects, use function-delete

Integrated Set of Actions[edit]

Take a u-channel profile. Duplicate it (shift D), scale it (N), rotate it (R), and then align it in the appropriate window. Add a camera. Add lights. Blender.

Result: Torch Table.jpg

Copy Objects - Duplicate[edit]


Split a Window[edit]

MMB on border, and select Split. Good tutorial:


Split a Blender window into 4 windows. First is a 3D view window, and the next 3 windows are the 3 other planes: xy, yz, xz - to view the object from 3 different sides. Draw a cube. turn the cube into a 12x1 unit object (extended cube). Then draw a cubic lattice of 12 unit sides.

After all these steps are done, set up lighting and Render.