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Flash Mobs

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See introductory blog post on Flash Mobs. To join our Flash Mob team, fill out our Flash Mob Survey (5 minutes). See our Flash Mob Team roster.

Concept from Howard Rheingold[edit]

Author of Smart Mobs -

Howard Rheingold -


  • Electronics/Electrical - Sergio Andermann <[email protected]>
  • Duncan McQueen - I have been following your project with great interest and met you at the last TEDxKC. I am an IP / business attorney in KC - from Kickstarter
  • Cyril Ebersweiler - - hacking hardware accelerator - China & Bay Area - from Kickstarter
  • Enan Hoque <[email protected]> - Subject: Open Source Ecology - Mentors, Advisors, and Reviewers - I admit I may not be the most technically savvy (to industrial machines) but I do have experience in analysis, fundraising ideas, web development and "special project" areas.