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How do I get involved? Join the Development Team. Join our HR Team. Join as a Subject Matter Expert to advise us. Take on ad-hoc tasks by producing CAD parts in FreeCAD from our CAD List.

2016 and Before[edit]


Q: How do I get involved in OSE?

A: Take a look at

Old content[edit]

The following sections list old content pre-dating the site above.

Technical Review[edit]

We are seeking technical review of all of our designs, from architecture detail, machine design, industry standards, to agriculture, and entrepreneurship. We span a wide areas of human endeavor in engineering, art, and entrepreneurship.

Design Work - machines, architecture, other[edit]

The core of our work is design and rapid builds. We focus on Design-for-Fabrication, Lifetime Design, and Module-Based Design. You can help with CAD, conceptual, and technical design across all disciplines of engineering, art, and entrepreneurship.

Dedicated Project Visits[edit]

See Dedicated Project Visits and pland for the 2014 Summer of Extreme Design-Build

Summer Internships for credit[edit]

Your university may have a community service requirement or the ability to provide credit towards your major. Check with your professors, and apply for a Dedicated Project Visit.

Capstone Projects[edit]

You can do a senior capstone project with OSE as the client. You can design one of our machines or develop an enterprise model. Organize a capstone group at your university and find a supporing professor.

Volunteer Work Days[edit]

We host volunteer work days if you are in the Kansas City USA area. We can let you know about the next one.

Organizing an Extreme Production Workshop[edit]

There are many projects around the 50 GVCS Machines that lend themselves to being organized as an Extreme Production Workshop. Help us organize and enjoy 50/50 revenue sharing with OSE.

Invite us for a College Lecture[edit]

The Founder is going on College Tour. You can organize a lecture. We are recruiting students for internships and working on setting up OSE Clubs at universities - especially as student run clubs with a faculty advisor - who develop one of our projects.

Attend an Extreme Production Workshop[edit]

See our Workshops Schedule - attend our immersion education experience.

Blog for Us[edit]

We are looking for a blogger to provide updates about our work. 2 hour per week requirement.

Manage our Facebook Account[edit]

We report regularly on Facebook, and we are looking for a savvy social media manager.

Do graphics or design work[edit]

A great part of our work is communicating our message and technical content clearly. We need information architects to do infographics and to refactor our work into highly comprehensible content.

Subscribing as a True Fan[edit]

See more about True Fans - donors who give $10 or more for 24 months. All funding goes to prototyping materials.

Video Production[edit]

We are looking for onsite and Remote Video Editors as in OSEdit.

Start an OSE Chapter at your University[edit]

More Options for Students[edit]

  1. Student engineering and other professional chapters - work with us on Design Sprints
  2. Help us find professors who can assign OSE work for credit
  3. Alternative spring break - if you have a group of students that would like to work with us, contact info at opensourceecology dot org.
  4. Licensed architects + IDP students - internship development program.