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HintLightbulb.png Hint: Last Updated 7/17. Please study the Crash Course for overview of OSE and current priorities. To subscribe or unsubscribe from the Design Sprints list, please go to the Tech Team Culturing Survey page.

Founder's TED Talk[edit]

Marcin Jakubowski explains the Global Village Construction Set in his TED Talk.

Can't see the video below? Try: http://www.ted.com/talks/marcin_jakubowski.html

2017 Invitation Video[edit]


2017 Invitation[edit]

OSE Developers - Design + Documentation[edit]

OSE Developers are the official members of the OSE Design or Documentation Teams, and the HR Generalist is responsible for recruiting OSE Developers. OSE is a globally distributed volunteer team of engineers, farmers, designers, documenters, builders, writers, marketers, and other interdisciplinarians. OSE developers commit a minimum of 10 hours per week to a coordinated development process on key OSE priorities, for a 3 month duration. It is also acceptable if the OSE Developer find a partner on their side to work with - such that their time requirement may be reduced from 10 hours to half of that time per week - while this pair still produce 10 hours of effort. This also helps us to encourage leadership on the OSE Developer's side, and greater collaboration. After a 3 month development period, OSE Developers have an option to continue to the next quarter.

For background purposes - we have been operating as a volunteer project with many ad-hoc contributors until 2017. We have discovered that for an audacious project with well-defined goals - we need a process and structure that can harness collaborators' contributions in a more effective way - for visible and tangible progress. As such, we have shifted to dedicated development teams as of the beginning of 2017. We are looking for team players who can move OSE along its Critical Path for the formal team of OSE Developers- while encouraging others to provide ad-hoc contributors by editing the wiki.

Interdisciplinary Approach[edit]

We are looking for diverse skill sets. Do you have the skill set to become a meaningful contributor? Our only requirement is that you have an open mind and willingness to learn new things - and the required time to make a meaningful contribution. We expect OSE Developers to become immersed in the new paradigm of open source product development. We are building 12-24 person Working Teams which result in clearly visible development velocity. An interdisciplinary team is needed because many projects include elements of mechanics, electronics, hydraulics, sensors, software, etc. In addition, graphics, media, marketing, and business development skills are used in taking products to full releases as Distributive Enterprise.

Solving Wicked Problems[edit]

Our long term goal is to create a world class training center for open source movement entrepreneurs - for solving wicked problems. Since many problems are founded in artificial scarcity - our approach is to create material abundance - while regenerating the environment. At the same time, we are training people in interdisciplinary skill sets - as only an interdisciplinary perspective can lead people to solving wicked problems. We are in the business of ending poverty and war - where poverty includes poverty of the mind - and war includes the war on the environment. Our mission is lofty, and our approach is grounded. We are looking for volunteers who can thrive in such a learning environment.

Looking for Dedicated Contributors[edit]

The title of volunteer still has formal requirements of collaboration on active working teams, and is not to be taken lightly. The expectations are similar to the requirements in a 'regular job,' with timelines, project plans and team responsibilities. OSE Developers are selected for participation based on successful completion of the application process - up to a basic proficiency test in open source computer aided design (CAD) - the OSE FreeCAD Test. The application process is maintained by the HR Team, and the on-boarding process is shown at the OSE Developer Initial Application page.

The OSE Developer is the highest status of OSE development collaboration. The title of OSE Developer marks the official development team that is working actively on the OSE Roadmap. Otherwise, ad-hoc contributors are welcome to contribute to the OSE Wiki, the official development platform of the OSE project.

Team Structure[edit]

Development Teams must include a Heavyweight Product Manager, a Product Owner, and a Process Manager to steward a Concurrent Engineering process. Member requirements are an open mind - as any of the technical skills, such as FreeCAD 101, can be learned with a few hours of practice. We are looking for a mindset of avid learning across different disciplines as the primary requirement. We are positioning this opportunity as a chance to learn diverse technical skills.

Module-Based Design[edit]

An effective team works on projects taken from the perspective of module-based design - where each project is broken down into modules that can be developed in parallel according to the task breakdown of the Development Template. Modularity applies not only to technical, but also to organizational, business, and marketing areas. Development cycles are run on a quarterly basis (the 90 day period), with the intended outcome being a product release. If OSE Developers are required to contribute 10 hours per week, then the 12 person team is effectively a 3-person full time equivalent. This is the minimum required for visible progress. Once a well-performing team is established, new teams may form. The minimum number of Developers for starting a new development team is 12. Our goal is to create 12 teams of 12 by end of 2017.


The project teams work together on current Development Priorities and only on the official tasks at the Critical Path and consistent with the 20 year OSE Roadmap. Other projects may be taken up independently by contributing to the OSE Wiki, but core resources will be allocated only to the Critical Path. OSE Developers do not propose new projects, but execute on tasks on the Critical Path. As such, we are asking for team players who are aligned with the greater vision of OSE. The Critical Path involves milestones around machine building as a basis, with other applications such as agriculture and the Seed Eco-Home - the latter being a collaboration with the Open Building Institute.


To apply -

  1. Read the OSE Crash Course and the above information. Prior to applying, please read up prior to your first interview. We cannot at this time accommodate exploratory phone conversations prior to the interview - as we track our recruiting process.
  2. Apply. Please go to the OSE_Developer_Initial_Application. Fill out the application form, email HR once you have done so.
  3. Interview with us. After the application and then we can set up a first interview at your earliest convenience. If you feel that important details have been left out of the Developer invitation - please email HR at opensourceecology dot org and ask for clarification, and we can add those details to this description. We ask you for your cooperation with our process. We will ask for your feedback on our approach during the initial interview.
  4. Complete the Developer Test. Pending an alignment of vision with OSE, you'll be invited to complete the OSE Developer Test, which is a skills test in which the applicant 1) Installs OSE Linux, 2) Designs a cube in FreeCAD, 3) and Publishes a video of this on the Wiki. A 90 day development duration begins from the time that a candidate completes the test. If you have an earnest drive to make a better world - and are willing to develop and use a powerful skill set to accomplish that task - then you will feel right at home in our environment.

Job Description[edit]

OSE Developers work as a team, dividing these various tasks between team members:

  • Learning a basic toolchain for designing open source hardware using open source software
  • Working on a dedicated open source product development effort as part of an interdisciplinary team
  • Learning basic proficiency in FreeCAD. FreeCAD-related tasks may include:
  • Producing build instructionals using FreeCAD files
  • Producing fabrication drawings
  • Making modifications in existing designs
  • Creating designs from scratch
  • Producing 3D printing files
  • Creating visual Bills of Materials
  • Creating exploded part diagrams
  • Learning open source tools and protocols for effective, globally-distributed design collaboration
  • Doing basic calculations of cost, weight, production rates, and other critical parameters towards open source products geared at creating Distributive Enterprise
  • Researching sourcing of materials
  • Learn basic proficiency in rendering and animation using Blender
  • Learning basic proficiency in vector and raster graphics to produce supporting graphics using GIMP and Inkscape
  • Learning basic video production competency using Kdenlive to produce instructionals
  • Learning basics of screencasting to produce video instructionals
  • Using Inkscape or other open source toolchains to produce cutting files for laser cutters,routers and CNC torch tables
  • Documenting work done and hours spent in a Work Log on an ongoing basis
  • Writing scripts for instructionals, publishing step-by-step instructionals, and assisting in the publishing of design guides
  • Communicating with other team member on problem solving
  • Prototyping of ongoing development work using 3D printing, scale models, etc (if possible)
  • Many tasks are technical, but writing, marketing, video production, desktop publishing, communication, website development, software programming, and many other tasks are included in the process

Onboarding Flowchart[edit]

(you can click on the underlined links for more info)


OSE Developer Bios[edit]

Development Team[edit]


Chas Murillo
OSE Dev Team member.

[email protected]

Chas's Log

I'm contributing to OSE because I see the value in everyone having access to resources to provide a living for one's self and community. I also intend to utilize the information gathered to build my own affordable seed-eco home and create my own home workshop and distributed enterprise.

I'm an Electrical Engineer by training from Michigan Tech. I'd like to help rebuild America's infrastructure with the help of open source principles and am interested in making America Energy Independent as one of my career goals. I firmly believe in the possibilities of open source hardware for bettering my life and the lives of others. My skills include basic I.T., power electronics, power systems, and motor drives as well as some basic business skills.

010 CHAS MURILLO BADGE free cad certified 1056 x 512px v3-1a (3) backup.png


Roberto Jaramillo
OSE Dev Team member.

[email protected]

Roberto's Log

I'm contributing to OSE because It's the most interesting project that I've ever seen. It combines nature, people, technology in a practical and holistic way. I was looking for a place where to create together with others, freely and openly.

I think my most relevant skill is my learning capacity.

009 ROBERTO JAMARILLO BADGE free cad certified 1056 x 512px v3-1a (3) backup.png


Cedric Lemofack
OSE Dev Team member.

[email protected]

Cedric's Log

I have a background on mathematical and physical science. With it, I'm interested on variety of domains in technology, from computer science to mechanics, by passing through electronics. I discovered Linux operating system when I began my university classes, and with this event began a long journey through the world of open source software. The concept of open source is very interesting for me and I choose to use in preference the products which respect this way of working. I think that I'm on another journey with the Open Source Ecology, which is based on the same principles, but the very big difference is that the products here are to be produced in the real world. I'm in the domain of teaching in technology and I want to benefit from the OSE to help bringing technology learning in another step.

I have a Master Degree in Mechanics Modelling (Structural mechanics, CFD and system dynamics). I also have a BTS (2 year Degree) in Electronics and Computer science. I'm now a teacher in Engineering science.



Jean-Baptiste Vervaeck
OSE Dev Team member.

[email protected]

website: www.foozledesign.com

Jean-Baptiste's Log

Collaborating with OSE members has helped me realize the enormous potential Open Source principles have for dismantling and replacing the current mainstream economic paradigm by providing people with similar quality tools for the production of their material environment that require fewer resources and rely more on cooperative community participation and knowledge building.

Jean-Baptiste is a freelance graphic designer living in Santiago, Chile and has worked on a wide variety of projects for both local and overseas clients for nearly a decade. In recent years he's been focusing his efforts on helping start ups, small and upcoming businesses materialize their ideas. He has a great deal of experience using Illustrator & Photoshop and is knowledgeable in Indesign, Inkscape, GIMP and is in the process of learning FreeCAD.

He has been working with Open Source Ecology as a remote collaborator since 2013 and has contributed over a dozen infographics for some of the 50 machines that form part of the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) and has helped to establish some of OSE's preliminary graphic guidelines among other graphic assets over the years. He was also part of the team that documented the one day assembly process for the Ironworker 3.0 in 2013 and was the Graphic Team's Lead for the Pattern Language Icon design efforts in 2015.



Jozef Mikler III
OSE Dev Team member.

[email protected]

Jozef's Log Jozef's User Page

I want to see the development of liberating and sharable technologies, stick it to the man, and do so while growing really great tomatoes. I wanted to learn a bundle of tools for design and fabrication, and here's an opportunity to do so in the coolest community while benefiting others. (Also, come on, I just want one these post-apocalyptic Mad Max looking tractors.)

My background is in high school education and curriculum design. I taught logic and English in high schools in Florida, Idaho, and Indonesia, and wrote a rhetoric text for a series of African schools. Recently I decided to work on a small bundle of hard skills: I took a welding certificate last year, started taking workshops at a makerspace, and am now learning the OSE toolchain. In the future I'd like to reinvent K-12 education by modeling it on a city. I plan to build my own tiny house and sailboat.

Jozef Mikler's OSE FreeCAD Badge.png


Kassie Paul
OSE Dev Team member

Kassie's Log Kassie's User Page

As a civil engineering student in beautiful Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Kassie explores the way communities interact with their built environment. She is drawn to the cooperative energy of Open Source Ecology. While working on the technical side of OSE's projects, she is learning about the ways open source hardware could help eliminate our current barriers to a sustainable, adaptable, economically feasible structure of civilization. She hopes that her CAD, explanation, organization, and documentation abilities add as much value to the team as possible. With a great deal of gratitude, she is happy to be able to collaborate with such a unique team.

Kassie Paul Badge.png

128px-Placeholder male superhero c.png

Abe Anderson
OSE Dev Team member

[email protected]

Abe's Log

Background and education in computer and electronics engineering. Novice C/C++ Programming mainly using Arduino. Prior hobby level experience with web administration and multimedia development software tools. Work experience with construction including masonry and carpentry as well as experimentation with more sustainable building methods. I try to constantly learn more programming and open source software applications skills. I joined the Dev Team because my projects and goals overlap significantly with OSE's efforts and I plan to work on many prototypes long term as I develop more skills. In general, I am interested in open source ecology to help further economic changes for all through open industrial engineering. I am also currently trying to create a more sustainable working and farming environment in the ozark mountains by experimenting with various natural ecology methods.

011 ABE ANDERSON BADGE free cad certified 1056 x 512px v3-1a (3) backup.png

Israel profile pic.jpg

Israel Reyes
OSE Dev Team member

[email protected]

Israel's Log

I want to dedicate my life to developing sustainable futures. My recent journeys and experiences have made me realize how much need there is for alternative systems in almost every aspect of life. My interests are many and also touch on probably every aspect of life, but I've always loved learning about technology, in general, and the human brain. One of my favorite books is 'Out of Control' by Kevin Kelly which I would recommend to anyone who's interested in or loves technology, as well as his more recent book 'What Technology Wants'.

I've been an open source enthusiast since 2005 and was inspired by Marcin's TED talk in 2011, however, at the time was too distracted, under-resourced, and eventually demoralized by my job search trying to break into the nanotech industry. Many changes between then and the end of 2015 led to me breaking away from many of my previous thoughts and habits and began actively searching for a path to a more sustainable future not just for myself but for everyone. It is my belief and hope that the OSE's mission will play a huge role in leading us there.

I've previously been a Navy nuke electrician, fulfilled roles as an intern and research technician for a couple laboratories at the University of Washington focused on the prototyping and microfabrication of biosensors and microfluidic systems, and ensured the safe and reliable transportation of passengers on the iconic Seattle Monorail.

I have had experience in the operation, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair of many types of operational and information systems to varying degrees of familiarity.

• Extensive: electrical, electronic, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic

• Moderate: computer operating systems (Mac, Linux)

• Limited: IoT devices, programming (can read and understand most common scripting and programming languages)

Some experience welding and performing various tasks related to metal fabrication.

018 ISRAEL REYES OSE free cad certified 1056 x 512px v3-1a.png

Os case.jpg

Oliver Schlueter
OSE Dev Team member

[email protected]

Oliver's Log Oliver's User Page

I have a master's degree in Biologies and Computational Neurosciences and i learned the trade of joiner/carpenter. In my spare time i love to tinker around with DIY- and Maker-projects, which are often direct or indirect related to green-energy and self-sufficiency. I am engaged in the OpenSourceEcology Germany Group and maintaining there three major projects (the UniversalPrototyping-Kit, the Zinc/Air FuelCell and the SolarBox) and some smaller ones.

Os log 21.05.17 mybadge.png


Dixon Nahrwold
OSE Dev Team member.

[email protected]

Dixon's Log

I am interested in radical decentralization and resilience technologies, and more particularly the narratives that drive them. I have a background in film and art as well as a lifelong DIY addiction. I am currently an undergraduate student at Utah State University studying sustainable food production.

I joined the team because I had the opportunity to fulfill an internship credit as an OSE Developer, giving me enough time to participate in this project I have been watching for some time now. I hope to replicate the OSE heavy machines, hopefully by forming a local group of developers.

Jozef Mikler's OSE FreeCAD Badge.png

Maltfield avatar.jpg

Michael Altfield
OSE Dev Team member + Systems Administrator

https://email.michaelaltfield.net https://www.michaelaltfield.net

Michael's Log

I jumped-ship from proprietary software to using GNU/Linux at the age of 15. In middle school, I was fascinated by the ability to publish my own content to the entire world, and I quickly learned website design. By the time I entered college, I had built several websites both personally & professionally.

In 2010, I rode my bicycle 3,800 miles from Savannah, GA to Berkeley, CA. On my journey, I saw how centralized, industrialized, and unsustainable our food system has come. I saw the endless fields of monocropped corn, and I biked past men in biohazard suits spraying fields of corn with chemicals. I rode on the highways through Kansas as wide-load, million-dollar combines passed me for the wheat harvest--machines that could not be afforded by the all-american farmer without massive debt

A couple years later, I discovered Open Source Ecology. I learned about the GVCS--open source machines designed to be affordable, self-serviceable, modular, and robust--all of the machines necessary to deprecate the unsustainable "green revolution," following the best-practices of the FOSS I'd grown to love.

I started volunteering as an OSE Dev not only to further develop the GVCS, but also to learn first-hand how to build these machines--so I have the knowledge & skills necessary to share the GVCS with communities around the globe.

My skill set includes MIG Welding, Oxy Acetylene, Cob Construction, Bamboo Carpentry, Permaculture, Mushroom Cultivation, Linux Systems Administration, Security, and Vegan Cooking.

Michael Altfield's OSE FreeCAD Badge.png


Antonio Celso
OSE Dev Team member.

[email protected]

Celso's Log

I'm just simple brazilian people, have studied basic Mathematics and Physics and tinker of mechanics and electronics systems. My life way is struggle against all kinds of oppression and obscurity. Since 1998 libre Software user

128px-Placeholder male superhero c.png

Sarah Aldosary
OSE Dev Team member.

[email protected]

Sarah's Log

I am from Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. IT graduate and business-oriented. Passionate about 3D printing and digital fabrication and fascinated by the whole maker movement. I come from an IT background but have been working in digital fabrication and making for almost five years. I worked at the National Satellite Center at KACST where I learned CAD using CATIA. I also love all kinds of handcrafts; crochet, stitching and embroidery

OSE free cad certified Dev Sarah Dosary.png

Alejandro G pic .jpg

Alejandro Gonzalez
OSE Dev Team member.

[email protected]

Alejandro's log

I'm contributing to OSE because generating ideas, working together, bringing solutions We can make a better world for the people. It is the future.

I am an architect (U.N.A.H 2015) with focus on applied technologies, art and the improvement of the habitat of our communities. I learn every day about new CAD, BIM and 3D software, materials and technologies, in search of new concepts that can be projected in architectural solutions.

I'm looking for new partners. I have an open mind, I want to grow professional, striving to be a better person every day. My recent research seek aesthetics in the planning and application of prefabricated systems, modulates, Eco/friendly, smart use of the space.

OSE free cad certified Dev- 027 Alejandro Gonzalez.png

Former Team Members[edit]

See OSE Developer Former Team Members.

Recent Builds[edit]

This is our first iteration of the Seed Eco-Home and Aquaponic Greenhouse - each built in 5 days - and the next iteration of the build is planned for the fourth quarter of 2017: