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Install latest wine[edit]

We saw above that the debian repositories provide an outdated version of wine. The latest version can be installed from the wine website.

To install the latest version of wine download the deb packages from the following url

Download the correct packages from the amd64 or x86 category depending on your system architecture.

Next we shall install gdebi which can be used to install the deb packages. The dpkg command can also be used to install the deb packages, but it does not install the dependencies automatically. gdebi does this.

  # apt-get install gdebi

Now, we shall use gdebi to install all the deb files downloaded in the previous step. However first we need to install a few additional packages.

  # aptitude install libc6-dev-i386 oss-compat lib32z1 
  # aptitude install libc6-i386
  # aptitude install ia32-libs

Now install wine debs.

  # gdebi libwine-*
  # gdebi wine-*

So now wine should be installed properly. Check the version to confirm

  # wine --version

Note that if you installed wine from debian repositories previously, then you need to remove it first.

  # aptitude remove libwine-bin:i386

Now launch the wine configuration window like before. It would prompt you to download gecko. Click OK to download gecko. This is used to render webpages in the applications.

Next, when launching wine applications it would show a message like this

It appears that libnss-mdns is installed on your system, but lib32nss-mdns is not. Please note that Wine will not be able to access the Internet unless you either install lib32nss-mdns (or ia32-libnss-mdns), or uninstall libnss-mdns.

Fix this by installing the necessary packages.

  # aptitude install lib32nss-mdns

Now wine applications should start without any notice or messages.

After doing all the above, if you encounter dependency errors, then try using the following command

  # apt-get install -f

It installs the necessary packages from broken packages and attempts to fix broken dependency errors. Now you should have wine installed properly on your Debian machine.

Install Sketchup Make 2013[edit]

  • Download "SketchUp Make 2013" (free version):
  • Install from sketchup executable for windows by right clicking on the .exe and selecting 'Wine Windows Program Loader'
  • You will most likely get the "SketchUp was unable to initalize OpenGL" message the first time you try to run sketchup, download File:Force sketchup hw accel.reg to your home directory and install by launching a terminal and typing
 wine regedit /s force_sketchup_hw_accel.reg


If you have trouble installing or running SketchUp on Wine, you might try using these registry settings files to correct the problem. To use one, just download it into your home directory, launch a terminal and type

 wine regedit /s filename

where filename is the name of the registry file.

  • "SketchUp was unable to initalize OpenGL": If you see this error, download File:Force sketchup hw accel.reg
  • SketchUp crashes on start with no error message: Force off the "Welcome to SketchUp" dialog with File:Disable welcome.reg
  • SketchUp crashes on or shortly after startup; either the main window is displayed, or you have already disabled the Welcome screen: Force off the "Snappy Instructor" dialog with File:Disable instructor.reg

Further Information[edit]