Victorian Farm and Edwardian Farm

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These two are hugely popular historical documentary TV series from the BBC. Ruth Goodman is a British historian focused on domestic life. Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn are both archeologists.


If we want to be successful in building 21st century neo-subsistence, we should first try to understand how life used to be. And a good place to start is rural life in the 19th and early 20th century. We can then try to sort out:

  • what worked then... how and why
  • what we can add today (advances in scientific and technical knowledge, communications tech, cultural changes (=mindset), etc.)
  • and what may work in the future.

Related to these documentaries are "Victorian Pharmacy" and "Tales of the Green Valley", also with Ruth Goodman.

Victorian Farm (2009)[edit]

Filmed in Shropshire, England: start here 1/36:

Edwardian Farm (2010)[edit]

Filmed in Devon: start here:

Victorian Pharmacy (2010)[edit]

also Filmed in Shropshire, England: start here:

(Youtube links are functioning as of 17 Jan 2011)

Tudor Monastery Farm (2013)[edit]

Tudor Monastery Farm