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Warn icon.png What is OpenID?

In case you are not familiar with OpenID, please see how to get an OpenID and Wikipedia's article on OpenID.

Log in using OpenID

There's no need to create an account before logging in for the first time.

You can log in immediately by clicking on Login with OpenID in the upper-right hand corner of any wiki page.


  • Click on Login with OpenID in the upper-right hand corner of any wiki page
    • If you have an email account at Google, Yahoo or AOL, click on the respective icon
    • Otherwise, if you have an account at LiveJournal, VOX, Blogger, Flickr or ClaimID, click on one of the small icons below the big ones
  • Click the Log In button

Am I logged in?

  • You know you have successfully logged in when you see the Verification succeeded page
  • Once logged in, your name will appear in the top right corner in Red
  • You can return to the Main Page, or visit other pages on the wiki.
  • NOTE: Your log in DOES time out. If you are making substantial changes to your log, be sure to save your work often. If you save your changes, only to find out you have been logged off, try clicking the “back” arrow to retrieve your work.

If you are unable to log in via OpenID, please contact OSE’s Web Administrator: webadmin at

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