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Design Sprints[edit]

Design Sprint Announcements

  • SATURDAY, December 7, 2013 : Documentation Sprint for the Microcombine. From 9am-5pm EST-USA (note time is in Eastern Standard Time) via Google Hangout. Agenda: To be posted NLT Dec 4th.
See Development Status and Needs for more information. To participate in the Design Sprints, please complete the Technical Team Culturing Survey


Special Events[edit]

Engineers for a Sustainable World Webinar

  • On November 20, 2013, Marcin Jakubowski, OSE's Founder and Executive Director, presented a webinar for Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW). The presentation can be found here. Please share!


Dedicated Project Visit

  • Are you interested in coming to Factor e Farm to participate in design, build-outs, or infrastructure improvements? Consider a Dedicated Project Visit. Specific skills needed: mechanical engineering, 3D design, CNC programming, fabrication, machine design, video (editor, cameraman, etc), technical writing, building construction, welding, 3D printer design/manufacturing and web design. Contact Audrey, OSE's Technical Community Manager for more information:audrey@opensource


  • Join the Documentation Team! OSE is developing ground breaking rapid documentation processes to facilitate replication of the GVCS. Be part of the development process! This collaborative video editing infrastructure is similar to OSEdit. Documentation sessions are held during Design Sprints...or consider focusing on Documentation during Dedicated Project Visit. Sign up at the Tech Team Culturing Survey for remote video editing - make sure to mark Video Editor in the skill section. For a Dedicated Project Visit, please contact Audrey, OSE's Technical Community Manager: [email protected]

More Information[edit]

Check out the OSE Design Sprints page for more information on the design process.

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