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Open Source Aquaponic Greenhouse from Open Source Ecology on Vimeo.


You can see all the technical design assets at Aquaponic Greenhouse Development

Note: you can download any of the above designs, and if you would like to contribute to a design and have it considered for addition to OSE's work, you can do a Pull Request.


Followup Discussion[edit]

Sign up to OSE Workshops Facebook Group. You can also sign up for our newsletter here - OSEMail.


Factor e Farm[edit]

Pictures on Google Drive - and Facebook Post.


Videos on YouTube[edit]

  • Integrated Pest Management + Vertical Towers + Soil Food Web - needs sound -
  • Time Lapses - from Scott - all in master playlist - [1]
  • Aerial Drones - uploading, will send followup when done

  • Interviews - from Jonathan - found in the overall playlist - [2]
  • Pictures and Mother Earth News article - from Stan?

Other Participants[edit]

  • Facebook pages with posts on the workshop -
  • YouTube or other Video and Media Channels -

Workshop Followup Form[edit]

This form captures documentation from workshop participants, such as picture uploads, videos, FB pages, other media uploads, suggestions, and feedback. The feedback is confidential. While form results are visible to the public, your name is optional.

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Other Feedback and Data[edit]

We also have other simple forms for Feedback of all sorts, such as comments, technical review, suggestions, etc; and Data Collection - any data point, such as time of build, effort, measurements, costs, observations, or anything that is a useful data point for further progress on any of the Global Village Construction Set machines, their submodules, related workshops, and other product designs. Anything related to creating the open source economy - the mission of OSE - is game.

These forms are Review Form and Data Collection, respectively.


Discussion and Comments[edit]