CEB Press v16.09

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Download FreeCAD source file at File:CEBPressJuneGroup.fcstd. This file contains the version history since June 2014.

24 Hour Build[edit]

Build Procedure[edit]


Workshop Layout[edit]


Design Development[edit]


CNC Cutting Files[edit]

CEB Press v16.09/SCAD Files

CEB Press v16.09/SCAD Files/Parametric


Notes: major changes include cost reduction of solenoids by $400 and removal of shaker for a cost reduction of $500.



See new work at CEB Press Controller v16.10


Visual Fabrication Diagrams[edit]

Frame Fabrication Diagram[edit]

File:Frame module.fcstd

Image is clickable:

Drawer Fabrication Diagram[edit]

Arms and Legs Fabrication Diagram[edit]

Hopper Fabrication Diagram[edit]

Hydraulics Fabrication Diagram[edit]

Controller Fabrication Diagram[edit]

CEB Press Controller v16.10

Microcontroller Code[edit]

Code for auto mode operation. Runs on Teensy 2.0++ Current link at:

insert OSE repo link here when ready.

Issue Tracker[edit]

  • There should be a CNC marking on the rib for the location of the soil block.
  • Front mid plate flange - does one have to be trimmed to make the hopper support fit on the ejection side?
  • Are table bolt holes narrowed down already?
  • Do CNC cut rings work as the shaft support?
  • How much effort does it take to straighten heat warping of frame metal?


  • Developer ISO
  • Open source cylinders. Advisor.
  • Open source solenoid valve. Advisor.
  • Open Source Gear Pump.
  • Robust 3D printing (3D printer dependency)
  • Open source electronics design + workflow
  • Open source soil mixer
  • Lime burning
  • FreeCAD construction set
  • Scribus build book - on-demand publishing
  • Online sales template + fulfillment instrucions for ANYONE - with license terms, attribution, and terms of sale have to be clear. Ie, anyone contributing or using can make money on this. Just spreading a new culture.
  • Brick press manufacturing training
  • Super-efficient CEB house instructional. Nonseismic plus seismic.
  • OBI Design Guide
  • 2 stage hydraulic pump for 1/2 power usage


From one participant: