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Disparity of Wealth

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Poverty Rate in the USA is Not Decreasingin the 21st Century[edit]

Since population is growing, absolute numbers of poor people are increasing.

From Wikipedia:Poverty in the United States:


20% of the Richest People Own 80% of the Wealth[edit]

Wealth Disparity has been Increasing since the 1940s[edit]


The Percentage of People in Abject Poverty ($1.25/day) is Decreasing Globally[edit]

  • Taken from Wikipedia:Poverty. Note: This is welcome news, but making $1.26+/day is not inspiring - opinion of wiki editor


The Global Distribution of Wealth Trend Depends on Country[edit]

  • US, UK, China are clear increases in Gini coefficient (worse distribution of wealth).

This is the Gini Coefficient from Wikipedia: