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Tumbleweed Tiny Houses[edit]


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Tumbleweed is undoubtedly the best-known name in Tiny Houses. With over 100,000 Facebook likes, Jay Schafer and company have a huge following that is indicative of the interest in tiny houses, as well as a renewed interest in DIY. They offer pre-made units, as well as selling plans. It also appears that they now finance their own units ($433/mo.) and that they offer a combination of pre-built frame with DIY finishing, called the Amish Barn Raiser.

Their digital catalog is available for free if you like their Facebook page.

Tumbleweed "Amish Barn Raiser" Package[edit]

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Designed by Molly Reichert, who teaches architecture and the University of Minnesota and is collaborating with OSE.


Hank Bought a Bus[edit]


Sebastopol, California, USA[edit]

Mobilemicrohouse.jpg Mobilemicrohouse2.jpg

Cargo Bike House[edit]




Cool mobile micro-cabin: