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The following are the overarching milestones of OSE for a 20 year period (2016-2035), consistent with evolutionary timescale thinking (500 years). The main milestone for the first 20 years of OSE is eradication of artificial scarcity, as a basis for the evolution of humanity. The following on general roadmaps, and do not necessarily reflect specific milestone dates based on critical paths and sequencing. General notes on sequencing are shown below, but the specific tactical steps are reflected on the Critical Path and OSE Priorities page - which both reflect a strategic approach towards the open source economy.

20 Year Milestones[edit]

See corresponding Blog post - [1] Increasing the social production market share for goods and services...OSE. (Work in progress - 2003-2035)


Open Source Product Development Method - Roadmap[edit]


Agriculture Equipment Construction Set Roadmap[edit]


CEB Press Roadmap[edit]



3D Printer Roadmap[edit]


2 Year Overview Roadmap[edit]

2018 - develop open source cloud editable docs equivalent of google docs, and a Collaborative Cloud CAD platform.

Develop list. Prioritize, swat analyze, risk assess to re prioritize.

Older Roadmaps[edit]

See Talk:Roadmap