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See also Replicability Standards. Part of Everwhere Tech and Brick Press Viral Replication

The CEB Story 2012. from Open Source Ecology on Vimeo.


[edit] Introduction

The Liberator Open Source Brick Press is nearing the stage of viral replicability - with significant implications: for enabling low-cost house building; humanitarian projects; and other applications. This is a checklist of items that OSE is working on to make viral replicability a reality. On December 18, 2012 - we will demonstrate how to build this brick press in one day. This is extreme production efficiency, which contributes to the replicability potential of the machine.

[edit] Primary

  • 2D CAM for CNC Torch, Laser, or Waterjet - done - Brick Press CAM Files
  • Full 3D model - Sketchup
  • Google 3D Warehousing of Sketchup Model
  • Complete ZIP of DXFs ready for CNC cutting
  • Scale model CAM file for Laser Cutter - Epilog
  • Scale model CAM file for CNC Router
  • Scale model documentation
  • Component-wise assembly production for Community Production Runs
  • Economic Analysis.
    • Economic analysis of 1/2 building costs from Barry.
  • Economic Analysis
  • Strategic Partnership deployment Package - for recruiting deployment via Humanitarian Projects - field testing
  • Community Platform - web
  • Community Manager - for CEB project
  • Open Source Label - Elements of Open Source Hardware
  • Trademark on name
  • Proven house designs based on the design
  • Circuit mill CAM files for controller
  • Full Gerber files for controller
  • Instructional on building controller + box + sensors - see Drobo for video materials
  • OpenShot remote video flash mob
  • Ordering infrastructure for OSE
  • Distributive Enterprise Package for startups
  • Distributive Enterprise Package - for any fab shop to be motivated to build these; economic rationale
  • Outsourced Fabrication package - full instructions on how to instruct a local fab shop to produce a machine
  • Workshop infrastructure and organizational infrastructure - for BYOM program at FeF
  • TechShop and 3rd Ward fabrication workshop - economic model for this; pilot run at TechShop.
  • Calculations and CAE analysis on structure and peer review on abrasion issues.
  • Development of pressure switch and upgrade of code for it.

[edit] Phase 2 Primary

  • Full CNC Torch Table documentation
  • DIY-millable open source controller for CNC torch table - StepperNug
  • Collaboration with Adafruit and Sparkfun for parts sales - controllers, or at least refer to them for Arduino et al.

[edit] Phase 3 Primary

  • DIY hydraulic motor and cylinder
  • CNC Multimachine for hydraulic motor milling

[edit] Background Information

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