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Attention! This wiki entry is deprecated. The content moved to Open Source Ecology Germany.[edit]

We are an open network and everyone can participate. You can introduce yourself to the community and create a public profile of yours.

Projects in Germany[edit]

Highest Priority: You can help and join our current projects.

IT Tasks[edit]

We need help on IT Tasks. Please contact Nikolay for more information.

Media Design[edit]

We need:

  • German version of the OSE Brochure (Output should be in Gimp). Use this text and pdfs.
  • Logo design
  • GVCS-like icon (Media:GVCS.jpg) design for the Wind Turbine, oven and juice extractor (to be published in the Wiki).

Please contact Nikolay for more information.

Movie Production[edit]

We need people able to produce animations or edit videos to help us with the OSE Video. Please contact Nikolay for more information.

Other projects[edit]

You can: