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Current Logs

Sat Jan 18, 2018[edit]

trying to edit details into power cubes. getting some FreeCAD crashes. Added Grate from PC v17.08 to auxiliary, but needs more editing.

File:PC17.11 auxiliary.fcstd

Still looking back through PC BOM's for rubber feet. PC v16.8 looks like the earliest version with a similar engine, but an order of rubber feet could have been for any previous engines as well.

Reworked grate to mesh and positioned it in the auxiliary CAD. The mesh is larger in data size and unnecessarily complex.

Wed Jan 17, 2018[edit]

Looking at previous PC CAD and BOM's to check for missing parts and the correct fittings for the tank and other plumbing.

Tues Jan 16, 2018[edit]

I'm still attempting to constrain engine pump module in auxiliary PCv17.11.

meeting prep.

I am concerned about FreeCAD methods and the easy editing of the files because the process has become more complex and likely not clear to others possibly including team members familiar with freecad. There are instructionals, but the process is not linear or straight forward and bugs are still an occasional problem. The logic to avoiding the bugs or correctly using the constraints is some complex decision tree I'm not sure is thoroughly documented enough anywhere other than maybe the underlying code. This is one reason I plan to start going through a Python course again soon.

Still many details to create for the PowerCubes engine feet, holes and fasteners, plumbing fittings, hose representations, cooler screen.

added Hydraulic Fitting Library and links between PC Library and specific versions.

Not seeing the rubber feet in any PC BOM's back to v16.8, but I found an editable grate/screen to adapt File:PC 1708 Grate.fcstd.

Mon Jan 15, 2018[edit]

updated File:PC v17.11 engine pump module.fcstd with simple and positionally correct version and constrained that into File:Powercube v17.11.fcstd.

Attempted to constrain the engine pump module into the Auxiliary PC as well, but I'm getting more bugs with it. I think it is not constrained as well as the main PC somehow. It also was not positionally correct due to the cube size difference, although the auxiliary is a derivative file of the main PC some changes or references in the copied data are causing issues. It would be good to understand what process mistake was made.

Fri Jan 12, 2018[edit]

In trying to edit the engine assembly and add the coupler sleeve I've found it is missing from assemblies all the way back to PC v17.08. This also highlights the need for clearly organized modules in the wiki PC Library. So, I think correcting the final assemblies and then separating the engine, shaft coupler, and sleeve coupler parts into a module would be ideal. It also begs the question if the CAD for the sleeve coupler is correct and how that worked out on the previous PC's. It does not appear in the PC v17.08 photos.

I keep running into bugs/crashes with the constraint solver attempting to assemble the sleeve coupler into the PC v17.08 master CAD file. Creating a separate module and reassembling later may work better.

File:PC v17.11 engine pump module.fcstd Note: module is positionally correct to File:PC1708 Master.fcstd since that was the last readily editable version.


Thurs Jan 11, 2018[edit]

I had an issue with Ubuntu after reboot likely due to a failed update. I followed iunstructions for the issue using a boot stick to run apt update and upgrade. Realizing my stick was probably out of date still I'm trying new versions of OSE Linux.

Corrected the cooler positions in PC. I moved it to the front bottom right for air flow off the fan in the pull start. I also noticed the File:G22 Hydraulic Pump coupler sleeve.FCstd was not included. I tried adding this for visualizing possible ducted fan designs using this part. However, further adjustments need to be made to the original engine pump coupling or length of the sleeve.

File:Powercube v17.11.fcstd

File:PC17.11 auxiliary.fcstd

Tues Jan 9, 2018[edit]

Reviewing Power Cubes, LT, wiki, and YT for meeting @2PM CST.


Reviewing old photos from 17.08 to try to see where exactly the air mover or fan is on the engine is to be used for cooling. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMNKx0q8K3oWrlxlHi5A8qXvXVFdfrPtYv50ekm-UBXjsDltGRNf8OGkYdL5nwI2A?key=UU9mRlludWlfVkhUNVRFdTlOSGl0NEo5NW9zS3d3

From experience, I'm thinking there is an effective fan behind the pull start mechanism. It is however at the very front of the motor and I'm skeptical it is sufficient air flow, but mounting the 1240 cooler low and in the corner near the front shouldn't interfere with the pull start.

My only other thought is integrating some kinda of fan into the engine shaft to pump adapter, but that would increase the complexity of making that part and maybe cost of materials. Such a solution could, however, eliminate the need for stock off the shelf fans in general.

Tues Jan 2, 2018[edit]

Meeting Prep.

Catching up and refamiliarizing with PC.

Thurs Dec 14, 2017[edit]

cleaned log. For next year I think it will be more searchable to dump the monthly logs into one page of old logs.

adjusted some specs on pump for 17.10

I'm not sure this will be re-used for 17.11, but good to the correct for 17.10. Editing the tree on this part requires some rework, but it is simple enough. With further corrections changing the editing order or using simple component copiues with unions might be more efficient to edit in this case. Some inaccuracies in the extents, shaft, and general shape still exist since I can not find any detailed CAD diagrams from surpluscenter or Eaton.

File:Hydraulic pump Eaton 0.92 cu.fcstd

Wed Dec 13, 2017[edit]

Back from a trip that took longer than expected. Reviewing where I am with Primary and Auxiliary PC. Ready to finish the power cubes and move on to the next thing.

Sat Dec 2, 2017[edit]

Reviewing large PC and figuring out likely dimensions for the smaller cube.

Did a quick re-edit of the Main PC for the Auxiliary smaller cube.

File:PC17.11 auxiliary.fcstd

Old Logs[edit]