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CNC Torch Table Prototype I, used in 2011 Production Run


The CNC Torch Table (aka RepTab) is an enabling machine for any workshop. This machine enables creation of custom parts for fabrication or replacement of broken components.

Current team goals[edit]

Current team goals as of June 5 2014 for the end of June 2014.

  • Have the torch cutting steel, up to 1" thick, to a tolerance of 1/16" over 10 inches on all dimensions, and within 1/16 of a straight line re the waviness of the line. It is ok if it takes some manual intervention, or hand holding.
  • The machine should be reasonably durable and not finicky or prone to breakage, or absurdly high wear and tear. For example, the wiring is currently prone to breakage. Also the arduino on the z control would probably stop working pretty fast from the stuff splattering on it.

This entails meeting milestone 1 in the torch table prototype 2 requirements document (see dev board through dozuki, overall module, requirements document).

  • for the short term, make sure the documentation is at the point that someone can easily step in to Anthony's role in getting things working, and to operate the table for cutting.
  • record why we made the system the way we have so far, rather than some other way. This is important to avoid the need to go over the same ground too many times.


Version 2[edit]

See the dev board linked to on the dozuki (the way to go as of June 5 2014)

Click here to access set-up instructions (in-progress)

Version 1[edit]

There's a little bit of info at CNC Torch Table 1.


The CNC Torch Table allows workshops to create replacement parts on the fly for many of the components used in the GVCS. Additionally, the Torch Table gives workshops the ability to create many of the custom components used in the GVCS Machines. Many parts that make up the 50 GVCS Tools can be cut on the CNC Torch Table, making this machine valuable for replication.


Much of the current documentation and raw data concerning

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See Product Ecologies for more information.

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