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Required reading for all OSE Developers and potential developers:

To find out about OSE's work, study these top 9 resources if you are interested in becoming an OSE Developer:

  1. GVCS TED Talk - the talk that brought OSE to the world stage at TED.
  2. Open Building Institute Kickstarter - latest effort from 2016, intended to make affordable ecological housing widely accessible. Builds on the GVCS tool set.
  3. Burndown graph of all machines completed - [1]
  4. OSE Specifications - the design principles behind what we do
  5. OSE Development Process - the agile process that we use for open source product development
  6. Extreme Manufacturing - radically efficient, module based, parallel swarming model of social production for rapid builds
  7. Distributive Enterprise - OSE is pioneering this new economic paradigm for the open source economy
  8. Roadmap - 20 year plan of OSE to transcend artificial scarcity
  9. Critical Path - current year's plan
  10. OSE Developers - invitation to people who want to help take us there

(Crash course on OSE was a crash course up to 2013)